Merge your PDF files together:

Welcome guys in this new article. As you’ve read in the title, today we’ll merge some individual PDF files together in one file, and we’ve a graphical way to do that and another way by the terminal. OK, let’s see.

The Text-mod way:

From the terminal, sudo apt install pdftk and enter your password.

Then go to the directory where you’ve your files, for example: I’ve PDF1.pdf, PDF2.pdf and PDF3.pdf .

Then, the syntax of this tool -pdftk- is: pdftk pdf_files output the_final_file.pdf… so we will type: pdftk PDF1.pdf PDF2.pdf PDF3.pdf output PDFtk.pdf


the output converts these files to the final form in pdf.

The result will be that:

PDFtk show

OK, it was the text-mod way, what about the graphical mod?

The Graphical-mod with PDFshuffler:

Install this application pdfshuffler with sudo apt install pdfshuffler then open the file


The files appears like that and I’ve some files I wanna to merge:

PDF files in Dolphin

Then add the file that you wanna merge to the application with the drop and drag way or by pressing on the + button in the application.

PDF files in PDFshuffler

Then, press on the “Save” button and choose the position and the name of the final file.

OK, it was everything for today, if you have benefited from this post press “Like” please. And if you’ve any comment leave in below and I’ll be happy to answer your comment 😀 Thank you for following and goodbye.

The references:

Ask ubuntu


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