Where is Javaldx? My LibreOffice doesn’t work!

A month ago, it was a bug in my LibreOffice on Debian Jessie, the problem is when I try to open LibreOffice it doesn’t work 😦 And when I tried to run it with the command line libreoffice it gave this error to me!!
I think this problem is the javaldx isn’t existed. So, I solved the problem as the following:
warning: failed to launch javaldx - java may not function correctly
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'com::sun::star::uno::RunTimeException'

LibreOffice error: failed to launch javaldx

LibreOffice doesn’t work

1- Install openjdk-7-jre:

To can install and update openjdk-7-jre, add this repository to your source.list;
sudo nano /etc/apt/source.list
then add the repository:
deb http://security.debian.org/debian-security jessie/updates main
NOTE: This repository is existed already in Debian Jessie, so, you can just unlock (remove the # sign) it.

nano opens my source.list

sudo nano /etc/apt/source.list

update and upgrade the distro:
sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude upgrade
download openjdk-7-jre package:
wget -c http://ftp.de.debian.org/debian/pool/main/f/fontconfig/libfontconfig1_2.11.0-6.3_amd64.deb
install openjdk-7-jre:
sudo apt-get install open-7-jre

2- Install/backport LibreOffice:

update and upgrade:
sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude upgrade
backport LibreOffice:
sudo apt-get install -t jessie-backports uno-libs3 # removes openoffice.org-*
sudo apt-get install -t jessie-backports libreoffice
NOTE: You can change the name of the distribution –the highlighted word in the command line– according to your Debian version either wheezy or squeeze.
update and reboot:
sudo aptitude update && sudo reboot
after the restarting try to open LibreOffice via the command line:
$ libreoffice

When this problem happened, my LibreOffice version was, but after these operations my problem is faxed and LibreOffice is upgraded to 😀 GREAT…

LibreOffice newlook

LibreOffice after the upgrading from to

That is everything for today, thank you for your following, and comment us about your problems, opinions and suggestions … goodbye 🙂


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