Who am I?

Hello, guys! My name is Peter Samy, and this is my new blog about GNU/Linux, I have another one on blogspot platform and I will move the contain to the new platform. I am just interested in the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), you can read more about me in Piter Sami, and in this blog I try to share what I know with you, may be it will be useful for you.

Our Rules:

  1. If you read some post and you found it useful for you, please share it with your mates.
  2. Your comment must be about the topic, if it was not, it will be removed.
  3. Do not use insults in your comments.
  4. If you have ideas or suggestions, you can share it with us.
  5. If you found that we made mistakes, please tell us at once to can correct it quickly as possible.
  6. We have no accounts on any other social media. So, do not use our name in pages on the social media, and do not prepare pages for us on any social network.
  7. The questions and comments will be ONLY about GNU/Linux, do not use about any thing else.

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