Customise your VIM

Most of coders used to use editors that highlight syntax, or support auto complete, or etc…

So that we don’t think in Vim as the suitable editor for us. But do you know you can do what you do with any other text editor with VIM? In this article I’ll show you somethings I use in Vim to make my life easier.

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Know your distribution

Do you like to know a lot about your system and your distribution? In Linux, there’s a simple tool called screenfetch it helps you to know details about your distro. Let’s install it:

Open your terminal and add this command:
sudo apt install screenfetch
and it will give you something like that:

screenfetch on debian

screenfetch command on Debian jessie 8 KDE

Awesome, isn’t it? Now try it in your distro and show us the result 🙂
ENJOY 😀 If you have any question or suggestion, leave it in a comment … Goodbye

Download APK packages by GooglePlayDownloader:

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Install “Telegram” on GNU/Linux:


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Merge your PDF files together:

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Install “Cool Retro Term”:

Cool Retro Term, is a classic terminal uses classic themes to make you fell that you use an old device.

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Test the internet speed via Terminal:

We have two ways to do that:

1- Python-pip:

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