Download APK packages by GooglePlayDownloader:

GooglePlayDownloader is an Open Source tool written in Python and designed to download the APK packages on the computer then you can install it manually Continue reading


Merge your PDF files together:

Welcome guys in this new article. As you’ve read in the title, today we’ll merge some individual PDF files together in one file, and we’ve a graphical way Continue reading


Install “Cool Retro Term”:

Cool Retro Term, is a classic terminal uses classic themes to make you fell that you use an old device.

Continue reading


Test the internet speed via Terminal:

We have two ways to do that:

1- Python-pip:

Install the “Python-pip”: Continue reading


Install BURG boot loader on Ubuntu:

Hi, guys! As you know, you need to boot loader to load your system, you have the Grup as a default boot loader, but if you need a new nice boot loader you should use Burg. Continue reading


Install boot-repair on Ubuntu 14.04 and any distro based-on:

Some times when you come to setup any GNU/Linux distribution, then you install MS Windows you will find that, No Linux on your device, or correctly you can’t find the distribution on the boot-loader list, Continue reading